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Independent Offshore Directors

The following individuals are independent directors of Nantucket's offshore product offering. While Dr. Brophy also serves on the Nantucket Multi Manager Advisory Committee, Mr. Seymour's only affiliation with any Nantucket entity is as a Director of Nantucket's offshore feeder fund.
Don Seymour
  • Founder and Managing Director of DMS Governance Ltd.
  • Founding Head of the Investment Services Division of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) and the creator of its regulatory framework for hedge funds
  • Cayman Airways, former member of Board of Directors
  • Director Association, founding Vice-president and member Cayman Finance, member of Board of Directors
  • Member of Financial Services Council of the Cayman Islands Government
  • Board of Directors, Nantucket's offshore feeder fund
David Brophy, PhD
  • University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business:
    • Director of the Office for the Study of Private Equity Finance
    • Professor of Finance
  • Director of the Center for Venture Capital and Private Equity Finance
  • Former Trustee of the Munder Capital Management Family of Funds
  • Chairman, Board of Directors, Nantucket's offshore feeder fund